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Incorporated in 2015, ATIF Holdings Limited is a consulting company offering financial consulting services to small and medium-sized enterprise customers in China. Since our inception, the main focus of our consulting business has been providing comprehensive going public consulting services designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises become public companies on suitable markets and exchanges. Our goal is to become an international financial consulting company with clients and offices throughout Asia. We have to date primarily focused on helping clients going public on the OTC markets and exchanges in the U.S., but we are in the process of expanding our service to listing clients on domestic exchanges in China as well as the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
In China, a fast-growing economy and a positive market environment have created many entrepreneurial and high-growth enterprises. Due to restrictions imposed by China’s foreign exchange regulations, it is difficult for foreign capital to enter China’s capital market. Because of the strict listing policies and a relatively closed financial environment in mainland China, most small to medium sized enterprises in the development stage are unable to list on domestic exchanges in China. Therefore, many Chinese... more >

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